B2WW 1: The Timeline

The debut of my new live panel show, where I will choose a topic and invite on a panel of guests to discuss said topic! The topic today is the timeline, and my special guests are Tony Teflon of the Teflon TV YouTube channel, Gray of the Gray Area YouTube channel, and Quinn from the Ideas of Ice and Fire YouTube channel. We touched on many topics revolving around the events and supposed history of the Dawn Age and Age of Heroes: the first maesters’ involvement with the children of the forest and magic in general, the Pact (when, why, how, and who), the creation of the Others, the building of the Wall, the Hammer of the Waters, smelly dirty ringforts, the new TV show, the Season 8 finale, ice dragons, and of course, what makes GRRM great. Thanks to everyone who watched live and sent in questions!


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