The central hypothesis of the mythical astronomy theory is that many of the ancient legends of Westeros and the rest of the “Planetos” are actually telling us about the global cataclysm which is known as the Long Night through the use of symbolism and metaphor.  This would be consistent with mythology in real life, which is quite often based on observation of the heavens and the cycles and characteristics of nature and its forces.In the first essay, I’m going to dive into the Azor Ahai / Lightbringer myth and try to explain how I interpret it to be referring to the events of the Long Night.  I’ll be comparing the various legends and myths of the story to the main characters and their symbolism, and to scenes which I think contain metaphorical references to the Long Night events.  As you’ll quickly see, I do not think George chooses his descriptive language haphazardly, but rather with the utmost intention.  The reoccurring turns of phrase that we find throughout the books create a tapestry of symbolism which is remarkably consistent, and I would suggest, meaningful.  For me, it all started coming together when I noticed that the moon cracks in both the Azor Ahai story and the Qarthine “origin of dragons” story…For a more thorough discussion of George’s use of symbol, metaphor, and esoterism in ASOIAF, click the ‘methodology’ tab above.  If you’d like to hear about the evolution of this project, click the ‘about’ tab.  Otherwise, just dive on in to the first essay, or if you prefer, I will read you the essay aloud as you clean your house or drive to work.  That’s right, each essay has also been recorded as a matching podcast which can be found at the top of each essay page as well as on iTunes.To be notified when a new essay and podcast are released, please follow the blog here on WordPress or subscribe to Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire on iTunes. The podcast RSS feed can be found here.

Mythical Astronomy & History of Westeros present…

Part 2: The Great Empire of the Dawn

Part 1: Asshai by the Shadow

Our collaboration with History of Westeros has become a two part series on the dragonlords of the Dawn Age.  These are available as a video or a podcast only, no accompanying essay.  You can watch here or listen on iTunes.  I hope you all enjoy it, we had a great time making it! Check out all the rest of the great History of Westeros videos on their youtube channel.

Bloodstone Compendium

I: Astronomy Explains the Legends of Ice and Fire
II: The Bloodstone Emperor Azor Ahai
III: Waves of Night and Moon Blood
IV: The Mountain vs. the Viper and the Hammer of the Waters
V: Tyrion Targaryen
VI: Lucifer means Lightbringer

Sacred Order of Green Zombies

I: The Last Hero and the King of Corn
II: King of Winter, Lord of Death
III: The Long Night’s Watch

Weirwood Compendium

I: The Grey King and the Sea Dragon
II: A Burning Brandon
III: Garth of the Gallows
IV: In a Grove of Ash

Weirwood Goddess

I: Venus of the Woods
II: It’s an Arya Thing

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  1. Hey! Love your essays, they are amazing and have definitely help with the long wait for TWOW. I wanted to ask you what your thoughts were about the premiere ep of GoT for season 7. Specifically, about the scenes with Sam when he was in the library. Not sure if you noticed, but one of those scenes had Sam looking into the gated off area, where a book lay open atop of a desk/podium, and what i thought was in those open pages of the book were space related stuff; what could have been moon/comet related pics.

    Basically, i wanted to say that once i started reading your essays about the cause of the long night, i was totally pocking up what you were putting down. This scene, if i saw the book right, definitely felt like immediate validation to what you were theorizing and i got super pumped (cant even imagine what you must feel, if you agree). Do you thnk the maesters are hip to what is really going on with the comet? is it possible they know how the long night occurred or have been at least looking into it?

    with how dope the premiere was, along with all the speculation George might be done soon, seeing this scene after reading all your stuff got me all aboard the HYPE train.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I need yo go back and look closet, I didn’t catch what you are talking about. It’s a good question about what the maesters know; remember that in the books, the original maesters are said to have hung out with the children of the forest, who definitely know what happened.

      Although I think chances are.good that the comet will return in the books and give us more meteors, I don’t expect the show to do that. Would be too expensive I think. But who knows, maybe they will. I’ll go tale a look at the scene you are talking about.


      • Oh thats a good point about the children of the forest and maesters hanging out. Perhaps they shed some light on that comet.

        As for the show, yeah that does seem like an expensive scene. But when the long night comes again, maybe theyll at least use dialogue to bring up the destined return of the comet. Either way, check it out. to me its at least the start of validation of your theory, which is awesome.


      • They could do something along the lines of one giant meteor hitting The Wall. You know, simplified version what we’ll get from GRRM.

        Well, since Season 5 I really hope that Arm of Dorne incident happens again, with Sunspear getting obliterated.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Same here.. Actually thought the episode was kind of meh and ‘off’ but that one shot that lingered on the open book sent me on a two hour rant to my aunt about your theories:) I imagined you seeing it and having a grin a mile wide. Illuminati comet confirmed!

      Liked by 2 people

        • Yes, and it struck me how the maesters and the weirwoodnet serve similar functions.

          The people who really seem to remember the cataclysm are the R’hllorists, with that scene where bonero points at the moon and makes a fist and then makes his hand explode in fire while promising doom and darkness… that sounds like a history lesson right there.

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  2. So, when I first started listening to your podcast a couple months ago I was dubious about all the connections and threads you had teased out of the text to frame your ideas. Now though, after having read the books again more closely and re-listened to the episodes, I find myself more and more in awe of GRRM’s work. I agree, he does seem to be flat out mythmaking.

    I love your podcast, if you can’t tell and look forward to every new episode. Thanks for all your hard work.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for saying so Laura, it means a lot! As I always say, it’s okay if I don’t get everything right, the more important thing is just to get people looking at and talking about the symbolism and folklore in A Song of Ice and Fire. But yeah, I think those Moon meteors are a thing!

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  3. Hello,I read your new stuff named “lucifermeanslightbringer | The Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire” on a regular basis.Your writing style is witty, keep up the good work! And you can look our website about proxy list.


  4. Lastly, I figured I should actually ask questions regarding Asoiaf:

    What happened to the Bloodstone Emperor? I can find no mention of what lead to his end, which makes me question if his life ever ended, given his possible status as AA & his diverse background into the darker magics.

    Have you found any mention of hints at immortality anywhere? Even a reference within the texts regarding the practices in Asshai?

    Yeen has been accepted by some to just be an easter egg from Martin, where not everything can be explained. I disagree with this and feel a structure of that magnitude, of that level of emanating evil & with that much black oily stone is not worth passing by. How do you feel Yeen has a part to play in all of this?


  5. Also wanted to add for quick reference a good summary of the truth behind the Full Metal Alchemist Fable. Episode 35 – The Shape of our Country. (Probably my favorite episode.) There the Hero ‘connects the dots’ of historical events to draw out the horrific truth of the matter; their country was initially created for the sole purpose of human sacrifice.

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