Con of Thrones 2018

Hey there friends, patrons, and fellow myth-heads!! I’ve been putting up Con of Thrones footage since I got back, and now I have it all here together in one place. I gave my initial reaction to the Con on a fun livestream on Ser Hunts’s YouTube channel with Quinn from Ideas of Ice and Fire, Gemma from Secrets of the Citadel, Aziz from History of Westeros, and others. We were still all high from the Con energy and had a good time telling stories, so this is a good thing to watch to catch the overall vibe of the event. Below you can find the videos for all the panels I spoke on. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who donated to the fundraiser and all of my Patreon supporters. You all sent me there, and I tried to make you all proud and to bring back as much footage as possible! Thanks everyone. 🙂

My best recounting of the weekend is the Con of Thrones Photojournal livestream I did, where I was joined by several guests to review photos from the Con, including side-of-stage shots of the entire cosplay parade captured by the one and only Amethyst Koala. Special thanks to StoneDancer (@Implode_Optical) for allowing me to show some of his fine photos!

You can also find more panel footage over at Azor Ahype’s YouTube channel, including their Ragnarok in ASOIAF panel that I made a guest appearance on, as well as Joe Magician’s YouTube channel, who took part in some great panels including my own “What Makes G.R.R.M. Great” panel, which you can find below.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the panels!


Mythical Astronomy and Symbolism
My solo panel laying out the basics of the moon meteor theory, Dany acting out the Qarthine myth and the Azor Ahai reborn prophecy by waking the dragons, and why Venus is the Morningstar. This video now serves as the best overall introduction to mythical astronomy, so please share this one anytime you’re telling a friend about what we do here. We made some new myth heads here, and I had a ton of fun shining a flashlight on Martin’s world oh mythical symbolism.


Nature Cycle Mythology
Featuring Crowfood’s Daughter of the Disputed Lands YouTube channel and Quinn from the Ideas of Ice and Fire YouTube channel! We had a great discussion of the cycles of the seasons, horned nature gods, those who defy the grave like the Undying and the Others, and more. As you can see, I did this one as the King of Winter.


What Makes G.R.R.M. Great
I brought on two of the smartest people I know, Gemma of the Secrets of the Citadel YouTube channel and Joe Magician from the Joe Magician YouTube channel, to dissect some of the writing techniques that George uses to make ASOIAF heads and tales above the rest! We three plan to revisit this topic on a future livestream, there’s just so much to discuss here. The unreliable narrator, George’s tapestry of influences from literature, legend, and history, the “in-late, out-early” technique, and more.


This was a multi-headed dragon-tastic free-for-all with lots of great audience questions! Our panel touched on a lot of topics, and had a great mix of personalities, featuring Aziz from History of Westeros, Bex from Watchers on the Wall (who was even dressed as icy Viserion!), and Michelle Jaworski from The Daily Dot. Unofficial panel title: “the witty banter panel.” 🙂


Jon of the Dead
Having no idea what to expect for this panel, I went ahead and launched into my green zombie Jon theory, only to realize half the crowd were show watchers and didn’t know what I was talking about (Jon isn’t even a warg in the show, for example). Gradually, and with the help of other panelists like Jameka Knot, Steve Love, Ser Hunts, and Michelle McKelley, we filled everyone in and ended up having a great discussion comparing TV and book Jon, and about the darker possibilities for the book version.


Giants, the Children, and Beyond
Having already developed good chemistry with my panelists, the Don Tony Teflon from Teflon TV and Quinn from Ideas of Ice and Fire, on our appearances together on Gray Area’s YouTube channel, I knew this was going to be a good panel… and it turned out even better. Tony was a riot with his children of the forest-phobia, Quinn talked about creepy things in a deep voice, the audience asked some good questions, and I mostly resisted talking about the Old Ones. Audio only, but well worth listening to.


Subverting the Seven: Deconstructing the Faith’s Archetypes
This went deep, and it got hot too! We went head-on into the land of gender roles and societal expectations, what constitutes a “god” in ASOIAF, what an archetype even is, and a few other equally fascinating topics. Crowfood’s Daughter of the Disputed Lands really shone on this one, and chipping in and rounding out were myself, A.Ron Hubbard from the Bald Move, and my good friend Quinn from Ideas of Ice and Fire.