Astronomy Theory Nominated for Reddit Awards

Hey guys, this is just a quick note to the followers of my blog only. Brynden BFish was kind enough to nominate an earlier version of my Astronomy Explains the Legends theory for Reddit’s Best of 2015 awards. If you have a moment to go and vote, I’d appreciate it greatly. The voting closes Sunday morning. Here’s the link, I’m nominated in the “best theory analysis” category. Since this is a best of list, there’s also a lot of good reading there to be had, so check it out.

I have no idea if I even have a chance at wining this, because I’m a bit more widely read on and here on my blot than on Reddit, but it would be cool to win or place well. Thanks everyone and look out for the next episode of History of Westeros, House Dayne Part 2, which should be out in about a week. I co-hosted that one with Aziz, and we had a great time. We are going to follow up on that with a joint podcast covering the great Empire of the Dawn material in this older essay of mine as well as looking at all the anachronistic Dawn Age structures in Westeros, in search of signs of the lost civilization, which will be out a couple weeks after that. As for the mythical Astronomy podcast proper, I’m recording the third episode now and hope to have that within the next few days.

Thanks and take care everyone, hope your new year is off to a great start!

~ LmL

3 thoughts on “Astronomy Theory Nominated for Reddit Awards

  1. I voted for you. No one else even came close.

    I’m disappointed in the posts they picked because there was a lot of good posts in 2015.

    I hope you get a fancy flair.


  2. Thanks Daen! I really appreciate it! It’s hard to know if I even have a chance but every vote means a lot, regardless. We’ll see… would be nice to win, no doubt. Just the fact that BFish nominated me was really flattering. 🙂


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