The Starry Host

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Dragon Patron

Bronsterys of lily-white scales and bronze horns, wingbones and spinal crest, a wise old dragon who riddles with sphinxes. It is said that Bronsterys once forged a life-size Valyrian steel cyvasse set in a single night.

The Long Night’s Watch

Charon Ice-Eyes, Dread Ferryman of the North, Wielder of the Staff of the Old Gods, a weirwood staff banded in Valyrian steel
Cinxia, Frozen Fire Queen of the Summer Snows and Burner of Winter’s Wick
Antonius the Conspirator, the Red Right Hand of R’hllor, Knower of the Unknowable, Dispenser of Final Justice
Garth Bluemoon, the Mazemaker, he who strides the river of time
BlueRaven of the Lightning Peck, the frozen thunderbolt, whose words are “the way must be tried”

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ser Imriel Jordayne of the Tor, Spinner of the Great Wheel and
Guardian of the Sword of the Morning
Ser Harrison of House Casterly, the Noontide Sun, whose words are “Deeper than did Ever Plummet Sound,” Guardian of the Shadowcat
Lady Diana, the Ghosts Huntress, Pursuer of Truth, and
Guardian of the King’s Crown and the Cradle

Mnemosyne, the poem on two feet, mother of muses, rider of the dragon Saga, and
Guardian of the Swan
Nienna the Wise, the Persephoenix, Guardian of the Ice Dragon,
whose words are “from sorrow, wisdom”
Daphne Eversweet, Queen Bee of the Red Poppy fields, Guardian of the Crone’s Lantern, and keeper of the Black Rabbit with big, pointy, nasty teeth who can leap about…

Manami of the Jade Sea, the Merry Deviant, Keeper of Winter Roses, and Guardian of the Celestial Ghost

OPEN – Guardian of the Moonmaid
OPEN – Guardian of the Stallion and the Horned Lord
OPEN – Guardian of the Galley
OPEN – Guardian of the Celestial Sow

Earthly Avatars of the Twelve Houses of Heaven

Direliz, the Alpha Patron, a descendant of Gilbert of the Vines and Garth the Green,
earthly avatar of Heavenly House Aquarius

Lord Leobold the Victorious, the Firelion of Lancasterly Rock,
earthly avatar of the Heavenly House Leo
Wyrlane Dervish
, Woods Witch of the Wolfswood,
earthly avatar of Celestial House Scorpio
Searing Abyss
, Tavernkeep of the Winespring Inn, Server of Crowfood,
earthly avatar of the Heavenly House Sagittarius
Ser Brian the Returned
, the Serpent-Bearer, Knight of the Last House, Wielder of Red Song, and earthly avatar of Heavenly House Ophiuchus
Ser Dionysus of House Galladon
, wielder of the milkglass blade the Just Maid,
earthly avatar of Heavenly House Virgo and Libra
The Mystery Knight known only as Rusted Revolver
, the Lilith-Walker, Great Dayne-friend and earthly avatar of Heavenly House Pisces
Ash Rose
, Queen of Sevens, Mistress of Mythology,
earthly avatar of Heavenly House Taurus
Queen Cameron
, Lady of the Twilight, Keeper of the Astral Cats,
earthly avatar of Heavenly House Aries
The child of the forest known as FeatherCrow
, the Weircat Dryad,
earthly avatar of Heavenly House Cancer
Sarah Stark of the Wolfblood, the shining hand of Phaesphoria and earthly avatar of the Heavenly House Sagittarius

Sacred Order of the Black Hand

Ser Dale the Winged Fist, the last scion of House Mudd and captain of the dread ship Black Squirrel
Ser Stoyles of Long Branch, Seeker of Paleblood
Viseryia Sunbreaker
Mallory Sand, Storm Witch, Rider of Zulfric the Black Beast
Mattias Mormont, the Sea-Goat of the Bottomless Depths
Count Magpie the Rude, the dinky giant, Hornblower of the Oslofjord
The Lady of Stellar Reason and Maleficence
Lord Brandon Brewer of Castle Blackrune,
Sworn Ale-smith to House Stark, Grand Master of the Zythomancers’ Guild, Keeper of the Buzz
Isabeth of House Dustin, Ward-maker and Rune-master of the Barrowlands
Ser Vorian, The Warg of the Morning, Wielder Of The Dual Blades Of Sunrise 

Priesthood of Starry Wisdom

Archmaester Aemma, founder of the Maiden Maesters & keeper of the two-headed sphinx
The Venus of Astghik, Starry Lady of the Dragon Stones
Black-Eyed Lily, the Dark Phoenix
Lady Danelle Bulwer, the Soaring Bat of BlackJack Mountain
The Black Maester Azizal (History of Westeros), Lord of the Feasible and Keeper of the Records, whose rod and mask and ring smell of coffee
Ennovy, Shadowbinder from the Eastern Mountains and Lakes.
Daenyra Flint of the Nightfort, Lord Commander of the HoW Night’s Watch, whose words are “avenging the memory of Brave Danny”
Sir Cozmo of House Astor, whose House Words are We Walk at Dawn
The Orange Man
Patchface of Motley Wisdom
Manami of the Jade Sea, the Merry Deviant, Keeper of Winter Roses
Hey Big Lady, Royal Seamstress of House Arryn
Grin of Long Lake, the Smiling Ranger and Freezer of the White Knife
Obscured by Klowds, the Mayor of Walrusville, guest of the Yupik, and servant of Bodhi
Nyessa the Water Nymph, Goddess of Pain and Mercy
Jancylee, Lady of the Waves, Bear-Mama of the Sacred Den
Lady Shar, Wielder of the Sacred Shard, Ice Priestess of the House of the Unsleeping
Kathleen the Ruthless, Captain of the Ironborn ship Night Terror
Tom Cruise sitting on a couch drinking a diet coke next to a little picture of Winston Churchill
Crowfood’s Daughter of the Disputed Lands YouTube channel
Stella di Silvestri, also called “Yellow Stella,” Mistress of Arcana
Jon of House Elric of Resembool, the Wintersun
Louise of House Taylor, the Rainwatcher, Desert Penguin of the Red Mountains of Dorne
R’hllor Girl, Mistress of the Pointy End
Lady Dayne the Twilight Star, the born mouth, Daughter of Frost Giants and official secret-keeper of starry wisdom
The Bloody Tide, Lord of the Greenblood, Lord of the Greenblood and Merling-slayer of the Seven Sees
Steven Stark, Jedi of Just-Ice, the Winter Warrior

Acolytes of Starry Wisdom

Shiera Luin Elen, the Blue Star of Heaven and resident linguist of the podcast
Esdue dei Liberi, called Islandsbane and The Silent Blade
Mollienissa, Keeper of the Moonsinger’s Law
Macias the Dreamer, spotter of comets, master of hindsight, loyal bannerman to whoever wins the Game of Thrones
Silas the Red Beard, Chief of the Redsmiths
Ser Therion Black,
The Justiciar, bearer of the Valyrian steel sword Altarage
Greenfoot the Gorgeous
Meera of House Gardener
, Keeper of the Glass Gardens and Bearer of the Sea Dragon’s Torch
Bjorn Berserker of the Bear Shirt, Bishop of the Kurmaraja
Arande Nim, spearwife of the Red Mountains and secret witness to the Tower of Joy
Lord Brandon Brewer of Castle Blackrune, Sworn Ale-smith to House Stark, Grand Master of the Zythomancers’ Guild, Keeper of the Buzz
Lady Jane of House Celtigar, Emerald of the Evening and Captain of the Dread Ship Eclipse Wind
The Dread Pirate Barron, the Demon Deacon, whose direwolf is called Megantic
Rupee the Funkateer, Archmaester of Synesthesia
Stefanie Storm Strummer, Minstrel of the Mountains
Massiah of the Oily Hand, “Boatman of the Shivering Sea”
Kraeverys, the Winged Ram of the Purple Skies
Matanues, Alaskan God of Thunder and Sex. the Cookie-Burner
Ben Brown Plumm, Archmaester of the Haunted Forest
Laurel of House Hilldigger, weaver of ancient knowledge
Venjaerys Targaryen, Witch-Mother of the Kingswood
Virginie the Selekarian, Master of Homingaway
Icarus Drowning, the Public Eye
Edward Greenhand, the transplanting transplant with a history of history
Myrcella the Vampiress of the Rainhouse, the Lady of Shallot

The Starry Host

Anolien, the Silver Shadow of Justice
Luna of the Mayari, Blade of the Goddess
Lady Laura of House Tyrell, Rose of Highgarden
Ser Morris Mayberry the Upright, climber of Jacob’s Ladder, whose words are “I drink, and tweet things”
Lord Starfoot, the Last Shepherd of Valyria, capturer of the horn
Fire Wren, Pie Master of Pie Island
Lord Griffith of House Femto, the Nighthawk, whose house words are “In brightest light, the deepest shadow”
Aemelia Sophia, Master of the Glass Hound
Sgt. Pimenta, he who can handle the Trufa
Andrew of the Wolfswood, Emissary of the North
Ser Roger the Night Cook
Red Ramira Ravenhorn of Skagos
Jon Ice Eyes
Radio Westeros
Tazaris Glider,
Phoenix-Mother, emerald of the desert oasis
The Sea Snake
wielder of the Valyrian steel scythe Tigersbane
Silver Shades
True Blue
Christine of House Dayne, Helmswoman of the Cinnamon Wind
Myyaonline, she who makes the magic that never sleeps
Beren Breakspear, the Jack in the Green of Fangorn Forest
Helen, Queen of Sunshine, keeper of the Pearl Palanquin
The Lion of Sunstone
My Cowboys Family
Yohann, a Baratheon bastard from the future
, wielder of the Valyrian steel sword Frostmourne
Grig the Gekko, the Hungry Storm